This is my site focusing on the vulnerabilities of our  -somewhat- digital society. It ain't really a depository of well-recorded and recently popped up cyber threats, no. It is merely a place where You can read about what is really going on behind all those curtains.  So, welcome to the world of shady intentions, unclear goals and momentary alliances. And of course the world of the high-tech roguery :)


The vulnerability talk

The CIA Recognized the Need to Fight Technology

APRIL 24 2018

    A few days ago the Deputy Director of the CIA, Dawn Meyerriecks delivered a keynote address at the GEOINT2018 conference, claiming that advancements of the use of technology make it difficult for the CIA operatives to move freely - even when they aren't physically tailed by the local counter-intelligence. But it's not solely about  the survive of an undercover operative. Because if a well-trained and experienced field agent can not evade AI-powered mass surveillance it means not a single one of us could.

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The Hack-Anything Mouse & Keyboard Combo: 'Impetus' And 'Harpoon'

APRIL 21 2018

    Whatever system you are using, if it is having some sort of data input interface, an external power supply and potentially a connection to the net - it can be hacked. Period. What you have to bear in mind is that actual hacking is not doing something that everyone does, actual hacking is doing something that no one does. What I describe here is a simple method to circumvent most protective means, let these be software or hardware-based ones. It needs no code to run on the system and consequently there is no defense against it (alas, there is one - but read on! :) ).

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Deep Learning Of Possible Logical Courses of Action - Using Digits

APRIL 17 2018

    The applications of commercial AI techs are now becoming pretty much widespread and with the tremendous capacity boom regarding processing speed, storage size and sensory sensitiveness these are yielding more and more for the industry. But every time it comes to the age-old question, whether "could machines one day think as humans do?" there is no clear answer yet. The human decision is not necessarily based on sensing  and comparison with the full knowledge  - but on the possible ensuing logical course of action. And here I try to provide a possible way to getting the machines think more similar to the humans.

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Conscripted Society: North Korea's Main Vulnerability

APRIL 11 2018

    Time after time, North Korea manages to steer itself into the lime-lights of the global media and usually it does so by threatening the outside World. It is pretty much understood that this tiny country is armed to the teeth and that it is having an elite ruling its population with an iron fist. And yes, they have nuclear warheads and rockets of various sizes in various stages of development. But North Korea's forte is actually its greatest weakness. Because it is based on the forced conscription of its population. No matter whether we are looking at a kindergarten, a factory, a ministry, the politbüro or the army: every kid, woman and man is actually serving their national service - indefinitely. And conscription has its weaknesses, and these weaknesses are actually numerous.

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The conception of transparent conflict zone hospitals

APRIL 06 2018

    Since the end of the Cold War and especially since 2001 there are countless reports about attacks on hospitals that are located on or near the front lines of different armed conflicts. Naturally, events like these are causing public uproars, but oftentimes there are conflicting news about whether these really were hospitals, or whether were these buildings co-located arms caches as well, or were these buildings acted as safe garrisons for militants, etc. Can We possibly avert the attacks on hospitals? Well, I think it is possible.

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Spoofing face recognition with deepfake

march 07 2018

    It is now widely discussed that faking media with FakeApp is pretty much possible. Some even calls it a grave danger to the security of nations. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Why? Because it is as easy to fool the surveillance systems as to make a revenge porn video, that's why.

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